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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Leaving soon

Ti Gitu is still in Falmouth. We didn't want to stay so long and expected that after the knee operation we would be off sailing this summer. However fate played a hand as Mo was taken ill just as we were thinking of leaving so in the end it was good that we had booked in for the whole year.

Mo has made a really good recovery and although it will be a very short sailing season we will leave the marina at the end of August.

Not sure where we will go, perhaps the Isles of Scilly for a while before going to a winter berth more central along the South coast.

Falmouth Marina has treated us fantastically well. All the staff are really nice and very caring so we will be sad not to be here for next winter but Falmouth is a long way from everywhere. It takes me over seven hours by train to get to Gravesend to visit family.

The health service has been great. My knee op is a great success and Mo's treatment has worked out very well. I really don't know what the government is talking about when they claim that we don't have a seven day a week service. Mo ended up in two different hospitals over two weekends and the service was excellent. I'm with the doctors!!

Ti Gitu is doing well but will need the bilges painting this coming winter and eventually in the next few years will need the bottom blasting and re painting, but the paint has lasted for 14 years so far and that is onto bead blasted steel which isn't anywhere as good as grit blasted steel. The grit makes a much rougher surface for the epoxy paint to grip while the bead blasting is much smoother.

Lots of things to do but it stops life becoming boring!!

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  1. Why did you bead blast in the first place? I have never bead blasted and am curious is it much different to grit blasting when you are under the helmet?