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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Along towards Chichester.

We left Falmouth at the beginning of September after an exciting year health wise. The management and staff at Falmouth Marina have been fantastic to us and we want to thank them all profusely.

We decided to make the short trip along to Mevagissy and had a near perfect sail. We knew that an Easterly was coming but didn't want to go to Fowey so sat out the swell in the harbour. The harbour staff were great to us and after two nights we left bound for Plymouth.

The wind was West and our course was 085 degrees. A few miles out a 30 footish dark blue yacht began to overhaul us probably on a course of about 070 degrees. Instead of keeping clear of Ti Gitu he decided to hold his course and was cutting across our course from starboard forcing us to take avoiding action. We still came within about 10 feet of hitting him. PRAT!!!!

But he was flying the biggest WHITE ENSIGN I have ever seen except on a warship.

Just explains exactly why many of us avoid yachts flying one of those ensigns designed to prove just how competent the skippers are!!!

Anchored in Dandy Hole up the St Germans river the next day a blue yacht came up to anchor and I promise I didn't laugh as I watched it go aground!! (I keep telling you there is a god.)

Anyway, the trip from Mevagissy was definitely 'fast an frillin' with a strong breeze from the West and we anchored in Cawsand for a couple of hours waiting for the tide to take us up to Dandy Hole. Spending a few days here before heading for Dartmouth to visit old friends who are building a new yacht.

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