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Friday, 23 June 2017

Sweden and South again

We went across the straight to Sweden. I had emailed the marina there for the price but had not had a reply. It is only 2.5 miles across and on arrival we realised that this particular marina is incredibly expensive. We watched local come and tie up for a short while and leave again. We decided to do the same and went for a walk around the town before leaving and going back across to Denmark where we anchored for a couple of nights.

It looked like the weather was going to be poor for a while so we decided to start heading South again and go to Germany again.

After the anchorage just South of Helsingor we had a fast sail to Rodvig where we again anchored and then started through the straight North of the island of Mon.

It is all very shallow and the channel is very twisty but fairly well marked and all was fine. We anchored half way for the night but as is often the case here found that the bottom was weedy and we had difficulty finding a clear patch for the anchor. There was little wind overnight so it was fine and we continued to Vordingborg where we went into the marina and an alongside berth rather than a 'box' berth but still with the difficult to use hoops rather than cleats to moor to.

All of the intake water filters need careful watching as they are collecting lots of the weed which floats around.

We are now going South West towards the Kiel canal but the problem looks like being the wind which is basically forecast to be Westerly and wet for a while.

So far the sailing in the Baltic has been pretty good, we haven't used the engine much at all. There is little fetch for waves to build so it has all been a bit like 'lake' sailing. Down side is the lack of decent anchorages and places to land with the dinghy which means using marinas but these are reasonable compared with the UK at about £18 to £20 a night and some of the more remote ones are less. Food prices in Denmark are generally around 40% higher than home and the cost of eating out can be very high. We found that Germany and Holland are considerably less expensive.

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