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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

On to Holland.

Going out between the Friesian islands can be difficult with tides and so we opted to go through the Waddensea. This is the area between the islands and the mainland. We were doing our 'Riddle of the sands' bit.

There are shallow creeks running behind the islands and the guide books say that a vessel of 1.5 meters depth can pass through at high tide. The channels are marked each year with 'withies' which are Silver Birch sticks with a few branches left at the top. They follow one side of the channel at up to about 200 meters apart and it was difficult to guess how far we should be away from them. We made our way to Langeoog for a couple of nights and then towards Norderney. This was particularly difficult as nearing high tide we ran aground and had fears of being stuck for a while. In the end we only stuck for an hour before the last of the tide allowed us to carry on.

A Withie. 

Mo has a fit each time we see anything resembling a withie!!!

We arrived in Norderney late in the evening to find the place jammed with boats and we had to raft 4 deep against the harbour wall. We had enjoyed the place when we were there before, cycling round the island.

This time the marina manager made it very clear he did not like Brexiteers - "Zis is der vay ve do things in Germany" etc. etc. Isn't it a shame that out of all the really nice people we met  in Germany it is the rectum that will be remembered.

We left there early the next morning round the outside to Borkum for a night then onto Lauwersoog and into the Lauwersmeer which are a lake area with lots of the 3 x 24's. These are pontoons or shore side mooring places where you can stay for 3 days for free. We spend several days in the lake and then moved into the canal system proper staying at a shore side mooring.

The engine repairs are holding up despite being partly temporary, I expect they will last OK until we are back in the UK. Also the patch that I glued with evo stik on the forward sail seems to have cured that problem as we have used it in some strong winds.


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