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Monday, 25 August 2014

Stranraer’s dangerous marina

At first it was uncomfortable in Stranraer’s marina, however the next day the wind picked up to a force 7 from the NW and we found just what a bad marina Stranraer is.
The breakwater has never been finished and this allows waves to enter the marina causing Ti Gitu to pitch up and down about four feet. With the pontoon also pitching this made using the pontoon extremely dangerous.
Any wind with a bit of North in it will cause this.
At one point I decided to put on extra mooring warps in an effort to protect Ti Gitu and found that walking on the pontoon was impossible, I was forced to crawl!!
Once you are in a situation like this it becomes even more dangerous to try to move the boat, so we were stuck.
When we came to leave I spoke to the harbour master and I am now writing to the local council, who run the marina, warning them about the safety of the marina.
This marina is supposed to be part of the ‘waterfront regeneration’ so why have they only half done the job?
While in the marina a smaller boat with an outboard on the back managed to reverse into the side of Ti Gitu near the stern causing deep scratches. But we are glad the hull is steel as any other material would have suffered quite serious damage.
Ti Gitu will not be going back to Stranraer!!!
After Stranraer Ti Gitu sailed round the Mull of Galloway and anchored in Luce Bay, then a couple of nights in the harbour at Whithorn before making for Kirkcudbright.
Uncomfortable weather is forecast so the pontoon at Kirkcudbright was a welcome sight, but it is getting very crowded with boats arriving late into the evening and us out helping until 11pm.

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