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Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Hole in the bottom

Voyager boatyard were really great. We dried out on their slip and drilled the two inch hole and fitted the new ‘keel cooler’ for the fridge. Slept on the settee until nearly 2am and then gently moved Ti Gitu out onto the pontoon. The next afternoon we headed back up to the Lynher river and will look at the weather over the next few days to get a fair slant to go to Falmouth.


Monday, 19 July 2021

Dartmouth and Plymouth

We had one night in Dartmouth rafted against a motor boat with a lovely couple aboard and then onto Saltash. There is a pontoon there so Helens mum came to pick up Helen and Russ and we stopped for one night.

Next day it was round the corner into the Lynher river where we anchored for a couple of nights before going to Mill Creek to dry the boat out on the slip at Voyager boatyard.

The tides are all wrong so I will be drilling holes in the bottom in the evening and then floating off at 2am. No my favourite pastime but needs must!!

Mill Creek totally dries (just like our home port of Bideford) and it is stunningly beautiful when viewed fro the boatyard and there are few amenities locally, just a small Co Op about a mile away but that will do for now.

Some old friends of ours are here building their new junk rigged boat which is impressive and we had a great evening aboard with them. Great to catch up with old friends.

Now we just have to hope the drilling goes OK.


Saturday, 17 July 2021



We spent two weeks in the canal basin at Turf Lock Exeter where we met up with family for the first time for 18 months.

Then things began to go wrong. First there were noises from the engine and I replaced the engine mountings. One was definitely failing.

Then the fridge finally gave up the ghost. A complete new system was ordered from Penguin Refrigeration. Ouch in the wallet, but the original had lasted 20 years. The new system was delivered to daughter Helen’s works and totally filled the boot of her car.

Now we needed somewhere to fit the new system which is a keel cooled system. This has a 9 inch long bronze fitting outside the hull that the refrigerant is pumped through to cool it and the only problem is the 2 inch hole needed in the bottom of the boat to fit it. We decided to look for somewhere along the coast to dry Ti Gitu out for the job and have eventually arranged to dry out on the slip at Voyager Boatyard at Millbrook in Plymouth.

Setting off from Exeter with Russ and Helen aboard for a few days the engine was still making horrible noises. There was little wind and we decided to go back into Torquay. Pinpointing the source of the noise was difficult.

However having had problems with the drive plate from R & D marine I had purchased a spare and we decided to fit it. I understand that R & D are the initials of the brothers who own R & D but I am not sure which one is Rodders and which is Del boy. I’m sure I will find out when I contact this dreadful company as the plate I fitted in Holland which their Dutch agent insisted was the correct one (despite being considerably smaller than the original) and which the brothers assured me would last as long as the original actually failed after 452 hours rather than 2000 hours.

More about that later!!!

With fantastic help from Russ the new plate was fitted in a long afternoon and now no more noises so it was on to Dartmouth.


Saturday, 26 June 2021

English Riviera.

Torquay is a real tourist town but quite enjoyable. We went around by bus, first to Brixham where I had to pick up a monitor I had bought to use for navigation and then along the coast visiting interesting places.

For the first few days the town pontoons were very peaceful but then the wind went Easterly and a swell entered making all the boats snatch at their mooring lines. Out came the ex climbing rope that a wonderful friend gave us. This is really stretchy so we loosened all the proper mooring ropes and attached Ti Gitu by the climbing rope which took nearly all the snatch out and gave us a peaceful stay.

After 8 days in Torquay Ti Gitu sailed North to the Exe river, a really enjoyable light wind passage and sailed right into the river where we picked up a mooring to wait for a few days before going into Turfe Lock and visiting with our family.

We had forgotten just how hard the tide runs in the Exe and decided to stay on the mooring rather than go to anchor, especially as the wind is forecast to be very up and down and perhaps it will pour with rain.

Apart from one night when Ti Gitu got noisily friendly with the mooring buoy and the inevitable motor boats speeding around it has been a nice stay. I did put fenders around the bow to stop the noise as Ti Gitu nuzzled the mooring at each tide change.


Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Portland, Lyme Regis and Torquay

Ti Gitu rounded Portland without any problems and we had a really good sail to Lyme Regis. It was a Saturday when we would normally avoid sailing as things can be really busy, but the weather looked good so we chanced it.

The guides for Lyme Regis are somewhat out of date. The harbour where it is said you can lie alongside the wall is totally jammed up with local boats. There are several moorings outside and we took one of them.

It was very rolly and rough when local speed boats raced in and out, and it is completely open to swell. The tiny amount of swell made it doubly uncomfortable.

There are ‘pontoons’ put out at the entrance to the harbour each summer which are those square plastic things which are an abomination to walk on and we noticed that the boats which crowded them were rolling as much as Ti Gitu was out on the mooring.

This is all similar to Bridport just to the East which we visited some years ago, both towns are very ‘kiss me quick’ and in future we will just sail straight across Lyme bay.

It was good though to catch up with ‘Fly’ another 40ft junk schooner who were also visiting.

After Lyme we headed to Torquay for our first visit. There is an MDL marina at £51 a night or the town pontoons at £22 a night and cheaper if you stay longer. We would never pay the marina prices so were very pleased to find a berth on the town facilities immediately. The first night was very quiet so we hope the remainder will be while we wait to go up to the Exeter canal so that we can visit with family at the end of the month.


Thursday, 10 June 2021

Sailing after covid.

Ti Gitu has spent the last two years in Emsworth. We did get out for a short while in 2020 but couldn’t go far because of the covid crisis.

We have done lots of little jobs on Ti Gitu so the time hasn’t been a complete waste of time.

In the middle of covid the hospital called Mo and she went in for a knee replacement. How lucky was that when many others are still waiting. The operation has been a complete success, probably because Mo diligently did all the recommended exercises for the previous two years.

We once again wanted to sail to Scotland but it was apparent that many harbours were closed and we thought it wise to wait until we had both been vaccinated. That took us well into the sailing season and it would simply have been a race to get North, not an enjoyable cruise.

So we left Emsworth at the end of May with our friend Mike aboard and went to Newport on the Isle of Wight where we cleaned Ti Gitu’s bottom and met up with an old friend Martin.

Martin gave Mike a lift back to Emsworth for him to travel home and after a few days we left and headed for Keyhaven. This is just behind Hurst castle which protected the Western approach to the Solent and having sailed past several time we wanted to visit the castle.

It is said that Keyhaven isn’t suited to larger boats. They are totally correct!! We arrived with the tide falling and just inside the shingle bank the buoys were missing. Ti Gitu went aground and stuck fast. In the evening it was a real struggle to drive her off the mud and we only just made it before the next high tide.

We won’t be going back and really the castle wasn’t worth all the trouble.

From there we left in thick fog and after clearing the needles had a really good sail to Swanage where we stayed for a few nights.

Then once again left in fog for Portland forgetting to check about Lulworth firing range and so were chased off South by the range patrol boat. Eventually made it into Portland harbour and anchored. The next port we will try will be Lyme Regis as we have never been there but first we have to go round the bill of Portland, hopefully in calm weather when we can take the inshore passage. This is really interesting as you have to go so close you can nearly have a conversation with the tourists on the cliff.


Sunday, 23 September 2018

Cash Cowes

After spending 8 great days in Newport we decided to go over to Langstone Harbour on the mainland and have a look at the area. Leaving Newport with the high tide meant that the tide was wrong for sailing across to Langstone so we decided to go out and anchor in Osborne Bay. On the way down river we spotted some friends on the Cowes visitors pontoon, which was empty apart from them. We tied up and it must have taken a good 20 minuets for us to brew coffee before the berthing guy came alongside. We said we were only having a quick coffee with friends so would leave soon, to which he demanded a short stay price of £11.00. We couldn't believe it!!! I said 'we will leave now'. He still demanded £11.00. I asked how much it was for the night which was £17.00. We stayed the night.

I hate being ripped off or treated as a 'CASH COW' so we won't be recommending Cowes to anyone. I would suggest that Cowes council tells it's operatives to have a little 'reasonableness' when dealing with customers.

We than went out and anchored in Osborne bay for a night before going over to Langstone where we picked up a buoy but the current and opposing wind was bouncing us around and Ti Gitu was getting so 'friendly' with the buoy we were afraid of more damage to the topsides and being kept awake all night banging against the buoy. We decided to take the last of the tide and raced round to Chichester harbour going and anchoring up the Thorney Channel for a few days. After that as strong winds were forecast we went to the pontoon just South of Emsworth to wait before going into the marina for the winter.