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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Marina prices. (Grumpy old man again)

Ti Gitu has visited the Isle of Man several times in the past and the prices to stay in the harbours was reasonable. All the harbours are local government owned and they all charge the same price.
After the Junk Rig rally we thought we would sail over on the Monday, spend one night resting then go out for the day on Tuesday before having a meal out in the evening.
As we approached the island I checked on the web and found that the prices had doubled in the last two years. They were now charging the same as the South coast’s exorbitant charges.
Well the traders and the marinas lost out as we decided to go anchor and have a celebration meal at another place.
I do not know what is wrong with rip off British marinas especially when they are run by local councils.
They should do the same as the French towns and encourage boats to visit especially when the figures of just how much each crew member spends in local shops and restaurants is appreciated.
Just proves how short sighted local officials can be!!!

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  1. Marina's and slipways over here in Oz are making it almost a rich mans hobby. You only have to talk to the locals at Bundaberg Queensland to see how much they mi$$ all the visiting yachts.