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Monday, 29 May 2017

On to Cuxhaven and through the canal.

Norderney was left on Thursday and initially getting round the end of the island was 'fast n frillin' but as soon as we were out the wind was very good. We were aiming to go into an island called Wangerooge for the night but the sailing was fast and as our arrival would have been at least an hour before there was enough water to enter we decided to go to the East end and anchor for the night. As around most of the Frisians the channels have changed slightly and where it is shown as having plenty of depth for anchoring, we actually dried out for a while but that was fine and other than that we had a quiet night.

The anchorage was left at 10am on Friday for Cuxhaven which means negotiating the shipping lanes which have very heavy traffic and the German authorities reasonably expect yachts to keep well out of the way.

It was thick fog and we negotiated the shallows out hoping that it would clear once out. It did thin but was very disconcerting and we were very glad of the AIS receiver which shows all the ships around and where they are going.

After clearing the shallows we hoisted the forward sail to find that it had ripped at the top during the fast sailing. How we hadn't noticed it was a mystery. A temporary repair was made and we carried on into Cuxhaven where the sewing machine was put into service and a repair made.

After a couple of days there we entered the Kiel canal and started the passage through.

Mo was finding the sailing very tiring and I was not much better so we stopped twice as we passed through the canal eventually deciding that it would be pushing things much too much if we pressed on to Poland as we had intended so we decided to enter the Baltic and very gently sail towards Copenhagen.


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