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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Copenhagen and Helsingoer

After Koge came Copenhagen. We chose one of the smaller marinas within easy cycling distance of the city. This was Kalkbranderihaven which has 250 berths, the one a few yards away has over 1000. The people were incredibly nice to us and the yacht club invited us to use any of their facilities and when they had a party invited us for a meal. The only problem we discovered was that the restaurant in the marina is really a night club which kept everyone awake until 03.30 on the Sunday morning.

Copenhagen is a nice city, Mo liked it more than me, it is a real tourist trap with a couple of cruise liners disgorging several thousand people each day. A day was spent looking round and the next visiting the national museum which has an incredible amount to see.

After catching up on sleep Sunday night we set off North. We tried anchoring close to Copenhagen but it was rocky and we ended up several miles up the coats where we found sand fairly close in. A couple of nights were spent there before sailing on to Helsingoer.

This is at the point where Denmark is just two and a half miles from Sweden and where the Danes collected dues from passing ships for centauries, which made Denmark wealthy at that time.

The fortress there is impressive and despite being somewhat expensive to look over we felt it was worth the price.

Across the water is a marina in the Swedish city of Helsingborg where we will head for a couple of nights to see the old city.

The cost of marinas here is reasonable compared to the UK at around £18 to £20 a night but the price of food in the supermarkets is high, nearly twice as much as the UK and surprisingly alcohol is just a bit more expensive until you make the mistake I made in Copenhagen ordering a bottle of beer which was opened before I realised that it cost £8.50!!!!

After Sweden we are looking forward to getting back to Germany to re stock the larder with reasonably priced food and after that anchoring in the Frisian islands will be nice again.

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