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Friday, 6 January 2012

Loo tips

Arriving back in England once again one of the most talked about boaty problems the marine loo began to give us trouble. After 30 years living aboard Mo and I have pretty much solved most of the problems.
Many of us yotties have now fitted
the standard modern plastic pump loo. Along with many other and older types they suffer from getting stiff to operate and from blocking.
The stiffness is due to a lack of lubrication and the blocking due to the reaction of urine and salt water which produces a calcium build up inside the pump - pipes - holding tank and valves.
In some places an expensive product called 'Head Lube' or something similar can be bought. This is a biologically degradable oil that is simply poured into the pan and pumped through.
A much less expensive solution is to use cheap cooking oil in the same way. This will need repeating every few days.
A longer lasting solution is to clean the system by pumping a little bleach or disinfectant through the system and then removing the pump top located under the pump handle. This gives access to the inside of the pump and the rod and piston / plunger will just lift out. Dry with rag or paper kitchen towel and then grease with a thin smear of silicone grease. This will last for weeks. How to cure the calcium problem in the next post.

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