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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Checking the anchor gear

Before we left we had all the anchor chain out to check and re mark it. The last few links before the anchor are where the most wear happens and I have found that it is prudent to cut a couple of links off every couple of years, of course depending
on how much it has been used. In the picture it can be seen that the last few links and the shackles look bad but when cut through they were found to still be in serviceable condition.
I replaced them making sure that the correct shackles were used. These should have a thicker pin than the 'U' part and should have the safe working load stamped on. The breaking load is normally 6 times this and should match the breaking load of the chain.
I did enquire at a chandlery about some new shackles but as is often the case they did not know what I meant when I asked for anchor or chain joining or lifting shackles. I will probably have to go to a manufacturer or lifting specialist for some replacements.
We also re marked the chain at every 10 metres by painting a few links white and by tying on a short bit of thin line. 1 piece at 10 metres 2 at 20 metres etc. etc.
Also the anchor winch was checked and re greased.

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