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Monday, 3 September 2012

First Group Travel or Farce Group by Grumpy Old Man

My experience of First Travel Group, (Farce Travel)

( Please don’t forget that the government has chosen this company over Virgin to run yet more services.)

I left the river Fal to travel to Bideford to go see the family. I caught the First bus from Malpas to Truro and was booked on a First train to Exeter and then another through to Barnstaple.

Waiting on Truro station the speaker announced that the inter city train was not running and that another had been supplied comprising of three carriages. The sign said one carriage. The speaker said three. This went on until a three carriage train arrived.
It was pretty packed. They announced that the inter city had broken down and this was a replacement.
They then announced that this ‘local type’ train would now take us all the way. For those going to London this would not be too comfortable.
Then they announced that at Exeter the rear coach of three would be removed
and two more added to the front, so would everyone in the rear coach move to the front two at the next stop.
We all did but it was like the London tube in rush hour. I decided not to comply and went back to the nearly empty third coach, preferring not to stand for all that time.
At the next station the train overshot the platform and had to wait for permission to back up to the platform.
On arrival in Exeter they had found an intercity train and after the farcical journey we relaxed on an inter city train.

Coming back a few days later I waited on the platform at Exeter and the sign said ‘standing room only’ on my train. I could not believe it, this is an inter city train. However when I boarded there was no seating, people were standing and blocking the isles, there was no where to place luggage so it was also blocking the isles, every time we went round a bend the luggage in the rack fell out, it was impossible to get and use the toilet or refreshment car. All in all a total farce which I’m sure broke many health and safety laws.

But this is the government preferred company.

Eventually after standing for an hour a really nice American lady took her son on her lap and offered me his seat. I thankfully accepted as my legs were giving out. BUT there were also people who had been standing for hours, all the way from London. Many of the young people were dossing at the ends of the cars unable to stand any more.
I thankfully exited at Truro, unable to believe the ‘third world service’ this company are providing.

But this is the government preferred company.

A few days later we went to take the First Group 83 bus from Malpas to Truro. It only runs a few times each day but it managed to be 15 minuets late despite only having to come 2 miles.
We went to Tesco and bought a big shop. We had several bags and a shopping trolley to take back. We were a bit early and sat in the sunshine waiting.
The bus did not turn up. Late again we thought. It still didn’t turn up. Another hopeful passenger, al local chap, said this often happens. He was going to take a taxi. I decided to go to the bus station and complain.

So there we were three quarters of an hour late and I complained at the desk in the station.
A car will be sent for you she said. Is there just you? she asked . No also my wife and trolley and bags and another chap, I replied.
Another quick phone call and a bus will be sent for you.
It actually took 7 I repeat 7 minuets for them to find and get a replacement bus to the station!!!
Why did they not do this as soon as they realised that the 83 had had an accident? Why did they ignore this route as the locals say is often the case?

But this is the government preferred company. Could they actually organise a party in a brewery?

I have only travelled a few times with Virgin but so far have found the service to be very good. Just why is First Group the government preferred company to run yet more services after putting in a bid which many say will be impossible to live up to.

Makes me think of third world corruption.

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