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Monday, 3 September 2012

Scillies back to the mainland

So we spent three weeks in The Isles of Scilly but the forecast was for a deep depression to hit us with extremely strong winds. The islands are not the place to be in these conditions so he hi tailed it back to Penzance as did many other yachts. We were in a raft of just six yachts tied to the wall but there were many more.
After a week we headed back to the river Fal where I left Mo to look after Ti Gitu and went to get a good thrashing at table tennis from my grandson.
During all of this time I have been experimenting with our ‘Junk’ sails and what I have found is on my newly designed Fay Marina website here   Junk Rig  
We intend to spend the winter in the Falmouth area so will stay around here for the remainder of this summer.

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