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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ramsgate Marina

Ramsgate Marina is dreadful. Ti Gitu will nor return!! It is one of the most expensive but lacks customer service and is often rolly and noisy.
Our recent visit was the worst and we will not go back.
We first went to the fuel ‘barge’. This is a rusting hulk without any proper protection for your topsides. The ancient mooring bollards are rusted away. The whole thing is just a rust bucket so goodness knows how much contamination the diesel has. Also the staff have no idea what sort of diesel they are serving. I asked if it was FAME free and they did not know what I was talking about.
We did not fill up.
We then went to our berth and went shopping at the local Asda. Walking up through the town it felt run down and seedy. Then at Asda where we expected to be able to stock up - the shelves were empty. They even ran out of potatoes.
I paid the exorbitant £34.80 for the berth that evening as we wanted to leave early the next morning. I wish I could have waited as the next morning I would have refused to pay!!!!
The berth was a little swirly and we were snatching at the mooring ropes but then at about 22.30 a dredger started working and by 01.30 it was right next to Ti Gitu. The noise – spotlights and flashing yellow lights were appalling. There was no reply from the marina so I called the harbour radio to complain and was told that my comments about the conditions - that the marina is not fit for purpose and I wanted my money back would be passed on to the harbour master a Mr Robert Brown. But the dredger did not stop so we had no sleep that night.
Ti Gitu then sailed to the Walton Backwaters the next day where we found that the water intake for the water cooled fridge was blocked with sediment, obviously stirred up by the dredger. The fridge stopped working.
I have written to the harbourmaster asking for our £34.80 back and telling him that I will have a refrigeration engineer look at the system and send Ramsgate the bill.
I will keep the 4000 of you looking at our blog posted as to what happens.

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