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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Getting ready to sail

April 2014

Ti Gitu has spent the winter in Ipswich. It has been a fairly warm but damp time. The marina is great being close to the town and despite the bars and restaurants close by is quiet, but I guess it may get noisier in the summer.
We have done quite a lot of cycling around the area which is pretty flat (this suits us).

Preparations are being made for us to head off for the summer and we went down the river to a beach opposite Felixtow and dried Ti Gitu out to check the bottom. There was very little growth and the anodes all seemed fine.  

While there we had a visit from the UK Border Patrol, interested in what we were doing and a couple of very nice young officers came aboard and checked us out. This has happened to us several times in different countries as we have made our travels and we have always found them to be very polite as they have done their job. Good to know that they are around. 

The next day we went into the Walton Backwaters and made a short trip into Walton on the Naze where there is a Coast Guard station who will take your out of date flares. Ours were years out of date but still sealed in the original plastic bags.

With the cost of these pyrotechnics and the fact that they need replacing every few years we have gone over to Laser Flares.

There are different types and we decided on the pointable type made by Greatland which are available from http://store.sprmarine.co.uk  The flare arrived very quickly and if we have to use it as often as the old pyrotechnic types we will be very pleased!! 

We have done work like painting the deck and fore cabin and general servicing on Ti Gitu and so being ready for the off at the end of the month, we are just waiting to see if there is going to be yet another war. Just yesterday NATO said it is sending more war machinery and personell into the Baltic and Eastern Mediterranean, this is making Scotland look ever more appealing!!

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