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Saturday, 17 May 2014


Bridlington is a totally drying harbour but with Ti Gitu’s twin keels this isn’t a problem and we stayed for six days waiting for the weather.

Then it was a motor all the way to Whitby. The town of Whitby is worth visiting but the local council who run the marina have decided to frighten us sailors by charging exorbitant rates. Over £30.00 a night for Ti Gitu. So instead of staying and spending our money in the local shops we left the next day and had a good days sailing before anchoring in the river Tyne entrance overnight and then another good sail to Lindisfarne also called Holy Island.

We sailed straight through the Farne Islands to look at the incredible amount of wild life before making the anchorage at Holy Island.
The current runs through the anchorage at 4 knots and with the wind it was quite rough so we telephoned the harbour master and he gave permission for Ti Gitu to anchor in the harbour which is known as the Ouse.
We laid out bow and stern anchors to stop us swinging around in the tight space and dried out onto fairly firm sand.
Just across the bay are hundreds of seals who make an amazing din first thing in the morning.
If it doesn’t blow up too strong from the South East then we will probably stay for a few days to re acquaint ourselves with this magical place.

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