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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Portmahomack and Balintor.

Ti Gitu anchored off Portmahomack for three days. It was the start of a magical week. First Portmahomack is a lovely place with friendly people and then we moved on to Balintor.
Balintor is an undiscovered harbour. I found the harbour as I was looking at  http://www.ports.org.uk/  This is an amazing web site which lists many of the harbours around the UK even down to where there is just a jetty. Looking at this I discovered Balintor and tried to look it up in both Reeds and the cruising association books. It is not listed.
It is a drying harbour and Ti Gitu went alongside the wall and dried out on level sand.
Balintor is the centre of three old fishing villages which have all expanded to form one large community now. The people were incredibly kind to us and many said that they couldn’t remember when the last boat visited the harbour.
Everyone there is incredibly proud of the history, quite rightly so. Before the harbour was built the fishing boats were launched off the beach and to allow the men to go to sea for the day reasonably dry the women folk would carry the man out from the beach to the floating boat on her back before going home to get dry herself.
After three perfect days we decided to move on to Cromarty and despite it being Friday 13th we had a gentle motor from Balintor to Cromarty catching several large cod and watching the dolphins.

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