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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sailing again

Ti Gitu escaped from the marina at the beginning of April.

We went up to Turnaware Point in the Fal estuary where we spent three days, drying out on the shingle and scrubbing the bottom, then giving it a rub with scotch brite before applying two coats of antifoul.

During the winter I had added a point to the water system so that we could run our pressure washer from the boats tanks. When we actually came to do the job all we needed to do was to rinse the bottom to clean it of salt before applying the antifoul. This was done with just a hose and trigger spray – never needed the pressure washer.

With the large tanks built into Ti Gitu we wondered how much water we would use and found that to give her a good rinse used about 40 gallons a go.

Nice freshly painted bottom.

The beach does slope but with morning and evening tides we only spent the day at an angle.
Very dirty Paul after the second coat of antifoul.
We are not entirely sure what our plans for the summer are yet but are hoping to get across to Brittany and cruise along the coast which we are told is really nice.


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  1. awesome looking yacht, I agree with all your choices, rig, hull and steel.