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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Roscoff to the Rade De Brest.

After a good time in Roscoff we decided to continue on towards Brest. The first port would either be Aber Wrach or Aber Benoit a couple of miles further on.

We chose Aber Benoit as it appeared to be less commercial and our older pilot said that it would be easy to anchor there.

Well the river is totally full of moorings with no space to anchor anywhere. It was a shock to see how these places are now full of moorings with mostly small motor boats on them.

We didn't have a clue where to go and hailed a local man in a motor boat asking where to go. He very kindly telephoned someone for us and then had us follow him up river to where there were larger sail boats on moorings and indicated for us to pick up one close to these yachts.

We were very grateful to him and then spent a couple of pleasant nights there. We did look for where to pay for the mooring but couldn't find anything and no one came to collect from us so guess that they don't charge apart from the high season in July and August.

We saw the helpful man as we left and thanked him again.

Then it was on towards the Rade De Brest anchoring overnight outside the town of Plougonvelin before entering the Rade.

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