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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Ti Gitu actually left the Rade de Brest and we were anchored in the Anse de Bertheaume just outside Brest when we heard of a death in the family. As it was very unsure when the funeral would be and how long it would take for us to get back to the UK we decided to go into the Moulin Blanc marina which would allow Paul to fly back for the funeral.
We decided late in the afternoon that as it was getting a bit rolly in the anchorage to move back inside the Rade before going to the marina the next day.
On starting the engine the fan belt just screamed. I went to adjust it and found that the water pump was seized. On this engine both salt and fresh water pumps are bolted together and I have a spare fresh water pump but of course this problem turned out to be the salt water pump.
It was the large ball bearing that the whole thing runs on that had seized.
After taking it off I was able to remove the seal from the bearing and could see that a small amount of water had entered the bearing over a long period and caused the problem.
With much WD40 and an hour working the bearing and washing it out with petrol it freed and I packed it with grease.
It ran perfectly and would probably have lasted to get us back to the UK but as I was flying back I ordered a complete new pump which I collected while in the UK and fitted on my return.

The Moulin Blanc marina is much nicer and more sheltered than the other one. Also considerably cheaper!!

Ti Gitu ended up staying there for two weeks while I flew to the UK and on my return the weather blew a hoolie for the next week.
We cycled around Brest and visited the maritime museum and other sights before deciding that as the wind would be SW for two days before going Northerly for a long time we would leave Brest and sail directly to Falmouth. It looked as though the wind would be Northerly for about ten days and I had an appointment that I did not want to miss so with a promise of lightish winds we set sail.
All was fine for the first few hours but then the wind died leaving a rough sea and so we had to motor overnight arriving in Falmouth the next afternoon. Mo had been feeding the fish several times and I only just held onto dinner, it was that rough.

We anchored in the river for a few days before entering the marina which is where we are now.



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