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Sunday, 9 April 2017

We dried Ti Gitu out on the sand at East Head and gave the bottom a scrub. It was just slimy with some weed and came off easily but still wears you out doing it. 
On the beach at Chichester
It was Wednesday when we left Chichester harbour sailing in light winds and flat seas. Best way to start the summers sailing.

We had looked at going into Brighton and then Easbourne marinas but the obscene charges of £40.00 to park a boat for a few hours stopped us. We decided on Shoreham which is a commercial port and much more reasonably priced and then went and anchored off the beach at Eastbourne for the next night.

The problem with sailing this coast is the strong tides and general lack of anchorages. However with the light winds anchoring off the beach was fine.

Friday saw us arrive at Dover where our friend Mike is going to join us for a while going over to Dunkerque and then along the European coast towards the Keil canal and the Baltic for the summer.

A few hours after arriving in Dover we had a visit from two very nice officers of the UK Border Force. They obviously wanted to know where we had come from and how many people on board and once they were happy that we weren't trafficking people they then gave us lots of information about how to avoid any problems while in Europe and especially when returning. 

The wind looks good for crossing the channel on Monday so here's hoping.


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