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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Across the Channel to Bruges

Monday the 10th April saw us leave Dover and first head due East then turn South East to cross the shipping lanes before the last leg to Dunkirque. The wind was light but good and we averaged 5 knots all the way.
Sunrise at sea.
One night was spent in Dunkirque before heading along to Zebrugge. Ti Gitu passed through the outer harbour and entered the enormous lock with two car transporters which made us feel like an ant next to them. One burst from one of their propellers would have had us crashed into the lock wall. However the lock keepers and tug operators were great and moved the front ship first and then let us go before the second.
In the lock with the 'Big Guys'.
We went up the canal to the small marina at Bruges and had a great day out looking at the town. The central square is amazing only slightly spoilt on our visit as there was a fair occupying the centre which stopped us standing there and looking around the whole in one go.
There was a Salvadore Dahli exhibition which Mo and Mike wanted to see so they went and I walked around the town soaking up the real art unlike what they were viewing. (being such a politically correct person Mo and Mike didn't really want me in there with them).
Part of Bruges square.
We only stayed the two nights and in reality it was not worth the effort of going up the canal. It would have been much easier to stay in the marina at Zebrugge and take a bus up to Bruges.
We left Bruges intending to spend a night in Zebrugge but as the wind was fair and we were through the lock (on our own) decided to sail the 15 miles along and entered the canal system in Holland at Vlissingen.

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