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Monday, 1 May 2017

Through to Harlingen.

After Marken we had really good sails through the Meeres and then out into the sea again at the East end of the 15mile long Afsluitdijk dam. This is just a few miles from Harlingen and the whole trip from Marken took two days.
In Harlingen Ti Gitu went through the lock into the canal system again and into the HWSV marina. This is a small marina actually on part of the canal or moat around the old town. We have been here twice before. It is incredibly tight to get into but once in the shelter is really good. The moorings are 'box' type which have two posts to get between and then tie to them and the shore. The marina put a red or green sign at the end and the green means that the berth is available for use. The manager is really helpful and as Mike is leaving us here offered to take him to the train station rather than getting a taxi.
Mike's son Mark is currently in Harlingen having work done aboard the 80 meter motor yacht he captains. It was great to see him again and amazing to have a look at a vessel of this type which despite being ten years old is still in immaculate condition.
Ti Gitu needed a good clean and we needed a rest and supplies also the wind is Easterly so we stopped in Harlingen for a week and plan to set off through the canals to Dokkum and then Lauwersoog while waiting for the wind to turn from the East so that we can head for the Kiel canal.

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