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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Enjoying the Netherlands

We left Harlingen and sailed along to the Ijsselmeer where we entered and anchored behind the dam for the night, then onto one of the free moorings at Stavoren before going to Hoorne where we anchored for a few days enjoying the old town and many restored ships.

We passed through Amsterdam along the canal before turning South and stopping at the Ijmond marina. Just after the marina is a motorway bridge that we didn't realise only opened every four hours. As we came round the bend at 09:55 we watched it close and were getting rather hot under the collar trying to contact someone to get it opened when I noticed a telephone number and a really helpful chap from the water authority informed us of the next opening time - 14:00 hours. We sat there for the four hours and waited - only slightly impatient.

Once through, the next town is Harlem where it costs 15 Euros to pass through all the eight bridges but only another 3 Euros to stay overnight with water and electricity. We paid the 18 Euros and stayed.

Willemstad was next where we went out and had a meal on our wedding anniversary before heading to Veerse Meere which is packed with free mooring places. Some are on the islands and some on the shore. All have rubbish bins and very basic toilet facilities. We are currently using these moorings while waiting for the weather to improve before heading the 12 miles down the canal to Flushing and then West towards the UK.

If possible while on the way, we will once again go up the canal from Zeebrugge to Bruges and stay at the yacht club there before crossing to the UK.

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