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Saturday, 30 June 2018


Avery pleasant couple of days were spent in Bray harbour but on the third night the wind picked up and we found out why it is not good to be there in a North East wind. The swell came rolling in and set all the boats rolling and pitching. We ended up trying to sleep in the middle of the boat. On the cabin floor and the settee.

The next morning we left Bray and went just a few miles to a tiny anchorage on the South West corner of the island called Hannaine Bay. It has a very narrow entrance but inside is a sandy bottom with good holding for the anchor just below a castle. Not perfectly flat water but soooo much better than being in Bray and Ti Gitu is the only boat here. It appears that the wind tends to funnel round here so it is stronger in the anchorage than outside but that does keep the wind generator going well.

The islands just to the south of us are totally covered in gnu (guano) and thousands and thousands of gannets. Reminds us of Scotland.

After 3 nights there we sailed South first to Sark but with the fresh wind that was blowing did not like the depth of the anchorage and the little sheltered bay where there are moorings was full so we sailed across to the South of Guernsey and anchored in Petit Port a bay sheltered from East round to nearly West. Slightly rolly at certain times of the tide but acceptable.

We will look to go into St Peter Port soon and do a trip round the island.

Would you believe my mobile phone account with GiffGaff stopped working. It appears that to them the Channel Islands are not in the UK or Europe and so
they can't sort it until I go back to the UK. It all works OK until it goes wrong, then there is no one to telephone, you have to contact an agent - whatever that is - but impossible from here. So I made a complaint in the hope of sorting it. Useless!!! I'm now looking for a new provider.


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