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Friday, 13 July 2018

South to Jersey.

After a couple of days in St Peter Port marina we went back round to anchor in Petit Port. That was rolly and we decided that we must have a new 'flopper stopper' so it was back into the marina for a day and a quick trip to B & Q for some timber. A days frantic work saw us the owners of a folding flopper stopper which we haven't tested yet. (someone's law??? )

Sailed to the South of Jersey and anchored in St Aubins bay. This is an enormous sandy bay that half dries out at low water springs. After a few days went along and tried St Brelades bay where we went ashore but it is just a holiday resort so we moved back to St Aubins and after one night went into the small harbour of St Aubin which totally dries out. When queen Victoria's husband 'Albert' visited he asked 'why do you always build your harbours on dry land?'

Initially we had to moor outside another boat and the bottom slope made sleeping a problem but the next day we were able to move alongside the wall where the bottom is more level.

Dried out in St Aubin for first time.

It is somewhat difficult to understand what the problem with being independent of the EU is. The Channel islands are not part of the UK, just a dependency. They are not part of the EU just having an agreement with them. The islands, especially Jersey are very, very affluent societies seeming to do very well outside both the UK and the EU. Why won't Britain do OK as well???

We are currently cycling around looking at the West coast and St Helier. The marina in St Helier looks the pits. The visitors berths are near a skate board park and a main road so really noisy and only have high stone walls to look at. St Aubin is much more pleasant if your boat can dry out. However the marina did very kindly receive mail for me which included the sim card for my phone from the '3' group which worked straight away.

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  1. Thats funny Paul, I showed my family a picture of the marina with a skate park right next to the visitor berths and they thought that was awesome. We would definately stay there.