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Wednesday, 25 July 2018


Ti Gitu spent a few days in St Aubin drying out alongside the wall in soft mud. This is a nice harbour but the yacht must be able to take the ground. There is electric by card from the chandlers and water is freely available.

Outside in the bay is an enormous drying area of fairly hard sand. We planned to use this for one or two tides to untwist our anchor chain and give the bottom a wipe over to remove slight slime and a coating of mud from drying out in the harbour.

Ti Gitu spends a lot of time at anchor and every couple of years I need to lay the anchor chain out as it becomes twisted. Many people use a stainless swivel to stop this. For two reasons I do not like them. The first is that I just don't trust them and the second is that the galvanising (zink) on the chain is anodic to stainless which means that if used for a while the galvanising on the chain will be gone. There are galvanised swivels but they tend to be big and would make stowing the anchor difficult as there is little room on the bow of a junk schooner.

So it is out to dry out and straighten the chain.

We have cycled a lot and taken the bus to see the island. It is all nice but everything is expensive compared to mainland UK and even compared to Guernsey. A bus journey of any length on Guernsey costs £1, on Jersey it is £2.20 so to catch a bus to the bus station and then out to another place the round trip costs £8.80 for each person. On Guernsey you can actually go all the way round the island for £1.

Also a consultation with a doctor was needed which costs £64.00 a time, even people who live here have to pay over £40. Ouch!!!

One thing we did notice is that if you stand on a street corner looking at a map then very quickly a Jersey resident will approach you with offers of  help and directions. Really friendly people!!

All in all a nice place to visit but not for too long. Now on to Sark.

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