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Saturday, 17 July 2021



We spent two weeks in the canal basin at Turf Lock Exeter where we met up with family for the first time for 18 months.

Then things began to go wrong. First there were noises from the engine and I replaced the engine mountings. One was definitely failing.

Then the fridge finally gave up the ghost. A complete new system was ordered from Penguin Refrigeration. Ouch in the wallet, but the original had lasted 20 years. The new system was delivered to daughter Helen’s works and totally filled the boot of her car.

Now we needed somewhere to fit the new system which is a keel cooled system. This has a 9 inch long bronze fitting outside the hull that the refrigerant is pumped through to cool it and the only problem is the 2 inch hole needed in the bottom of the boat to fit it. We decided to look for somewhere along the coast to dry Ti Gitu out for the job and have eventually arranged to dry out on the slip at Voyager Boatyard at Millbrook in Plymouth.

Setting off from Exeter with Russ and Helen aboard for a few days the engine was still making horrible noises. There was little wind and we decided to go back into Torquay. Pinpointing the source of the noise was difficult.

However having had problems with the drive plate from R & D marine I had purchased a spare and we decided to fit it. I understand that R & D are the initials of the brothers who own R & D but I am not sure which one is Rodders and which is Del boy. I’m sure I will find out when I contact this dreadful company as the plate I fitted in Holland which their Dutch agent insisted was the correct one (despite being considerably smaller than the original) and which the brothers assured me would last as long as the original actually failed after 452 hours rather than 2000 hours.

More about that later!!!

With fantastic help from Russ the new plate was fitted in a long afternoon and now no more noises so it was on to Dartmouth.


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