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Paul Fay

Saturday, 26 June 2021

English Riviera.

Torquay is a real tourist town but quite enjoyable. We went around by bus, first to Brixham where I had to pick up a monitor I had bought to use for navigation and then along the coast visiting interesting places.

For the first few days the town pontoons were very peaceful but then the wind went Easterly and a swell entered making all the boats snatch at their mooring lines. Out came the ex climbing rope that a wonderful friend gave us. This is really stretchy so we loosened all the proper mooring ropes and attached Ti Gitu by the climbing rope which took nearly all the snatch out and gave us a peaceful stay.

After 8 days in Torquay Ti Gitu sailed North to the Exe river, a really enjoyable light wind passage and sailed right into the river where we picked up a mooring to wait for a few days before going into Turfe Lock and visiting with our family.

We had forgotten just how hard the tide runs in the Exe and decided to stay on the mooring rather than go to anchor, especially as the wind is forecast to be very up and down and perhaps it will pour with rain.

Apart from one night when Ti Gitu got noisily friendly with the mooring buoy and the inevitable motor boats speeding around it has been a nice stay. I did put fenders around the bow to stop the noise as Ti Gitu nuzzled the mooring at each tide change.


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