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Thursday, 5 August 2021

Percuil River and on to Mevagissey

After the storm we decided to go up the river Past St Mawes. This is the Perquil River and a mile up there is a pool where at neap tides a boat can anchor. When we first discovered this there were very few boats that found it, this time it was packed with boats. Progress huh.

We took the dinghy to St Mawes a couple of times and met up with old friends John and Pam having an enormous meal in the Rising Sun pub which John and I just managed.

We saw that another depression was coming and that the weather didn’t look good for going to the Isles of Scilly for quite a while so decided to take a slow trip back to Emsworth.

We phoned Mevagissey harbour and they sail that the moorings in the harbour would take Ti Gitu fine so we headed there on 4th August.

There are 5 mooring buoys in a trot which allegedly take boats between 24 and 45 feet. These are not in special condition with some of the strops missing. This made picking up a mooring very difficult and a chap on a motor boat who had his dinghy handy gave us help.

The problem that these moorings are not spaced apart enough for larger boats became apparent and at 1am we were hitting the yacht in front of us.

There was a space between Ti Gitu and the motor boat and so ropes were laid out to hold Ti Gitu back from the yacht. This was where yet another boat could moor and where locals had been going through with their dinghy’s so we tied strips of white cloth every couple of metres and put a small buoy in the middle to make it obvious what was there.

I wonder what the harbour master will say about this when we go to pay this morning?


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