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Friday, 5 April 2013

April 2013

April 2013 is freezing but we have left the marina and are spending a few days up the Truro river while waiting for a weather slot to go round to Plymouth. We have chosen Plymouth to haul Ti Gitu out for rudder improvements and to touch up the bottom and re antifoul.
Out antifoul has lasted well, it is three years since we last hauled in Greece. We are using commercial antifoul from Jotun, but all the big manufacturers do similar types as their Seaforce 30 or 60. I did wear through with some over enthusiastic scrubbing and next time will just use a sponge to remove the slime rather than a hard scrubbing brush.
A lot of the winter has been taken up with experimenting with the junk rig. At the end of last summer I discovered just how to really get the best out of the high aspect high power junk rigs and I will be writing it all up for the JRA and publishing it in my information site.
The marina in Falmouth continues to be very friendly and a great place to winter the only bugbear is the local bus and train service which continues to be worse than some of the third world countries we have visited. Just how the government can continue to give such a badly run company the franchise escapes me. Guess the managers have friends in high places.
We are not sure where we will go this summer, it just depends on the weather and which way the wind blows.
Lets hope it all warms up soon and if you see us in some anchorage or marina please come say Hi.

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