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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Back afloat may 2013

Ti Gitu sailed to Plymouth from Falmouth on one of the few days at the beginning of April that the weather allowed. It put us a few days late for the lift out at Carbeile Wharf as the boat yard is tidal and the tided were wrong.
Carbeile is run by the Huggins Brothers group and they are very friendly and helpful with sensible pricing and good yard staff. It is a real ‘working’ boatyard where I was able to really get on with things.
We rebuilt the rudder with a bit more balance which took a week and then started on the bottom paint. The lat time Ti Gitu was hauled was in Greece where I had carefully touched up any suspect areas of paint with a local epoxy paint. What we found this time was that the Greek epoxy had not bonded very well at all. I had to try to remember where I had used it and sand it all off for re coating with some decent paint.
This took ages and our first estimate of being out for a couple of weeks turned into a month.
We finally were ready to launch on Thursday 9th May but a severe gale stopped that and we went in on the Friday. We laid overnight at the wharf and then went up river to anchor in one of our favourite places in the St Germans River.
We are waiting for new halyards to be delivered to the wharf but meanwhile went to the Saltash pontoon as a big shop was needed.
The plan is to head East and hopefully go into the Baltic for a while this summer if the weather allows.

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