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Sunday, 29 July 2018

North to Sark.

Ti Gitu left jersey and headed North to Sark where we anchored in Dixcart bay. This is a very popular anchorage because it is one of the best places to get ashore. That is if you can carry your dinghy up the steep stony beach. When we landed Mo asked a group of Belgian visitors if the men would help carry the dinghy above the high water line. They did and then realised that there was a large pod of dolphins in the bay and would I be good enough to take the children out to see them. So the dinghy was re launched and Mum and three children came out and watched the dolphins for a while before the men carried the dinghy up the beach again. Mum said the experience would be remembered forever.

Mo and I walked up into the village which is rather magical. Dirt roads, no cars, pony and traps for transport with just a few farm tractors. We had a good look round the village before heading back to the boat.

We decided that without a very lightweight dinghy landing is very difficult and telephoned the harbour master who said it would be fine for us to go into the tiny Creux harbour. There is really only one berth alongside where a yacht will dry out at a sensible angle and after two attempts when there were yachts on that berth and with bad weather coming we scurried over to Guernsey to anchor for one night before coming into the marina first thing in the morning. We were really pleased to have come in a bit early as later the staff were having to raft boats up to three deep as everyone wanted to hide from the gale. Outside it was really rough and even in the marina we rolled quite a bit when the sill is covered by the tide.

We think we will go try Sark again when the bad weather has passed.

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