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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Cash Cowes

After spending 8 great days in Newport we decided to go over to Langstone Harbour on the mainland and have a look at the area. Leaving Newport with the high tide meant that the tide was wrong for sailing across to Langstone so we decided to go out and anchor in Osborne Bay. On the way down river we spotted some friends on the Cowes visitors pontoon, which was empty apart from them. We tied up and it must have taken a good 20 minuets for us to brew coffee before the berthing guy came alongside. We said we were only having a quick coffee with friends so would leave soon, to which he demanded a short stay price of £11.00. We couldn't believe it!!! I said 'we will leave now'. He still demanded £11.00. I asked how much it was for the night which was £17.00. We stayed the night.

I hate being ripped off or treated as a 'CASH COW' so we won't be recommending Cowes to anyone. I would suggest that Cowes council tells it's operatives to have a little 'reasonableness' when dealing with customers.

We than went out and anchored in Osborne bay for a night before going over to Langstone where we picked up a buoy but the current and opposing wind was bouncing us around and Ti Gitu was getting so 'friendly' with the buoy we were afraid of more damage to the topsides and being kept awake all night banging against the buoy. We decided to take the last of the tide and raced round to Chichester harbour going and anchoring up the Thorney Channel for a few days. After that as strong winds were forecast we went to the pontoon just South of Emsworth to wait before going into the marina for the winter.

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