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Saturday, 7 August 2021

Mevagissey to Plymouth

So we went to pay at the Mevagissey harbour office and told the harbourmaster that we had been hitting the yacht in front of us and had to pull ourselves back at 1am.

Not really interested. Told me that we were moored the wrong way round. Doouure!! Not sure I understand that. When I went to school 40ft was 40ft whichever way round it was. Then told that if another boat was filling the gap between Ti Gitu and the motor boat it would be fine. Boats had not hit each other in the 6 months since he had been running the place.

The moorings appear to have been placed 44ft apart and some idiot seems to think that this makes it fine for 44ft boats to moor there. Perhaps I should lend the harbour authority my surveying book on moorings.

Years ago we had a pleasant visit to Mevagissey, laying along the harbour wall. It was not pleasant this time and the next morning we left in a very brisk SW wind and had a very ‘fast and frillin’ sail to Plymouth. We both thought the slightly rough ride much better than staying in Mevagissey.

We anchored in Cawsand but it was a bit rolley and gusty and we weren’t sure about how we were holding so decided to buck the tide up to the Lynher river. Dandy hole looked packed so along with several other yachts we just anchored in the river which did get slightly lumpy in the SW 7 but the holding seems good so it has been OK so far.


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