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Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Portland to the Isle of Wight

Portland was good and we had several night there and for the first time the harbourmaster came for harbour dues. £9.70 seems a bit excessive but we have had lots of free nights there so can’t complain too much.

The wind was forecast to go Easterly for quite a while so we headed to Swanage for one night and then on to Yarmouth on the isle of Wight where we stayed on the unattached pontoon and used the dinghy to get ashore. I have to say that the berthing masters are really helpful and expert at helping boats into spots in the really crowded marina.

Ashore we went and looked at Fort Victoria and saw the show in the planetarium which was good.

After a couple of nights Ti Gitu moved on to Newtown Creek. This is incredibly busy, especially during the day when ‘day tripper’ boats enter to anchor for a while.

At low water we watched a Westerly 33 come in and anchor close to us and fitted a fender to trip the anchor which it did really well at midnight, which was high tide, and drifted down to hit Ti Gitu. There were three chaps aboard who didn’t seem to have a clue and took ages to disentangle their boat from us before attempting to re anchor. First attempt at re anchoring was too close to us, second was too close to another yacht and the third attempt in the entrance to the creek succeeded and we all went back to bed.

The next morning they just upped anchor and left without talking to us or asking if there was any damage so if you have a Westerly 33ft ketch called Celtic Dawn  anywhere near you’d best beware!!

There is no damage to Ti Gitu as far as we can see but we are keeping our fenders down!

Next we will move onto Newport for another visit for a few days where we can get out on our bikes again and catch up with an old friend.



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