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Paul Fay

Thursday, 19 August 2021


The sail to Portland started off slow but picked up during the day to another ‘fast n frillin’ sail. In the end we averaged 5 knots and this time went outside the Portland race. We have always been via the inshore passage before either going to or coming from in Lyme bay, this time we went straight across so decided to go outside. It was all fine and despite having a good force 6 we never saw any rougher water than we had seen for half the passage.

We went and anchored at the North end of the harbour not far from Small Mouth Bay at the North end of the causeway where we have gone ashore on several visits before. The bus stops very close so getting places is fairly easy. Only thing is that this little bay can be a bit muddy at some states of the tide and the dinghy needs to be pulled up to be tied to the railings. We always do it in bare feet and then find a sandy bit to rinse ourselves off.

The weather is still being decidedly Autumn like and we would like to visit Lulworth Cove but don’t know if the weather will be favourable in the next few days. Just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile we will go to Castletown and look at the castle and the D Day museum which are just South of the Marina.


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