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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Asda Price / Farce

The price of engine oil is increasing along with the cost of everything else made from oil. In the UK the price of a 5 litre can of basic diesel engine oil has increased to about £18.00.
I had a look on the internet and Asda had a special offer, save £6.00 it said. Instead of £16.00 they were selling it for just £10.00.
It could even be delivered to your home for about £2.50 or collected in any Asda store for free.
We normally go to another supermarket as Asda is difficult and time consuming for us to visit. However as I wanted to get a stock of 3 or 4 cans for the future, we went out of our way to the Asda store.
I went straight to the motoring section to obtain several cans to find it was still £16.00.
I went to customer services and was told to get a container which was scanned and found to be £16.00.
Why? Answer was that sometimes online pricing was not the same in the store!!
I asked to speak to a manager.
A very surly chap came and told me that - Asda online was nothing to do with Asda stores.
BUT -  I could order the oil online and then collect it from the store a few days later.
I did ask if he was joking!!!
I phoned Asda head office and they confirmed what I had been told.
I went to another shop and bought the oil for £12.00 a can.

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