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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wind Farms

We left Ramsgate early to head across the Thames estuary to the Walton Backwaters. The winds were light but we started out making fair progress, the only problem was the 175 ugly, stupid, inefficient, €220.00 million worth of wind generators that have been erected - which we had to avoid. This is called ‘The London Array’.

The last time I looked these pathetic users of tax payer money were less than 20% efficient!!!

That’s correct – I did read somewhere that apparently the most efficiency that has been recorded anywhere in the world is a pathetic 16% efficiency.

When you think about the enormous cost of putting these things in place one has to wonder how they will ever repay the cost.
There is also the environmental cost. The blades are made from oil (fiberglass) the bottom has an unknown life as it is a metal tube sunk into the sea and as I understand things there is no way to survey them properly.
This means that once the taxpayer has paid for them, no one knows how long they will last but then of course the companies erecting them couldn’t care less as they will have been paid. One has to wonder how friendly all the company officials and government ministers are and which public schools they all went to?
Once the UK public has realised that these things can never power the increasing reliance on electricity and when the forecast power cuts have started, the UK will be forced to build some sensible (probably nuclear) power stations and then we will all be left with vast areas of large broken pegs sticking up out of the sea.
I doubt that anyone will want to pay the enormous cost of removing them, so they will just be left as rotting dangerous eye sores waiting to catch the unlucky sailor or super tanker caught in a storm.
There are hundreds of them in the Thames estuary and now they want to put another, larger, wind farm in the Bristol channel.
This is just complete madness which because the British people have been misled into believing that it helps the environment has been pushed through and funded by the taxpayer.

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