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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Rattray Head and Whitehills.

Ti Gitu left Peterhead on 6th June. The exceptionally helpful harbour master warned us to stay 4 miles off Rattray head which has a reputation not to be trifled with. The wind was forecast to be light becoming NE 4 to 5 which it stuck to but the rain and fog came about 9 hours early giving us an uncomfortable trip.
One very good thing is the inexpensive AIS receiver we have. It means that we can see all the shipping and it tells us what they are doing, course and speed. It certainly puts our minds to rest in poor visibility.
We use Open CPN and an old laptop as a chart plotter. This program has the ability to receive AIS signals so we purchased a Marine Gadget AIS Dongle, scrounged an old VHF antenna which is mounted on the stern gantry and started receiving the signals. We think it is great so here is a link http://www.radargadgets.com/
Ti Gitu arrived at Whitehills early afternoon to once again be greeted by the harbour master riding along the breakwater to guide us in.
Whitehills harbour has been owned by the local community for over a centaury and now days only really caters for pleasure craft. It is a small friendly village which we enjoyed on out last trip round the UK and at still seems as though it is the same.

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