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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Ulva Ferry

Our old friends Mark and Paula live at Ulva Ferry on Mull and for the second time in 9 years we went for a visit. There is a good anchorage there where Ti Gitu had ridden out a force 11 over one night on the last visit.
We knew there was to be another blow this visit so we picked two patches of weed free sand and laid out two anchors in the shallow anchorage. Two anchors for peace of mind.
The blow only reached F8 and it didn’t bother us too much until the rain entered the anchor winch switch and the anchor began to be hauled in!!!
This was exciting for a few moments to say the least but was quickly stopped and despite the chain jamming and stopping the winch for a few seconds it appears that the only damage is to the crews nerve’s.
Mark and Paula live in a very picturesque place and Paula (mostly called Polly) sells her excellent art from the house. Some of the art such as the amazing wind vanes and Puffin cut outs are cut from steel by Mark and then decorated by Polly. Polly’s pencil drawings often produced from photographs of people and pets are to be died for!!
Mo managed to walk to their house and back to the boat showing that the leg is continuing to improve slowly.
But - winter is over the horizon and so Ti Gitu stayed just a few incredibly pleasant days before once again heading South.

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