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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Alune river.

In the SE corner of the Rade De Brest is the L'Alune river which goes up to Chateaulin. The river is tidal for the first twelve miles and then four kilometres below Chateaulin it was canalised and as a canal goes all the way to Nantes. For the first few kilometres a yacht can enter with it's mast up and so we decided to go up the river.

We had virtually no charts of the river so just went on a rising tide sticking to the outside of all the bends which is where the deepest water normally is.

The trip up the river was uneventful. We never had less than two meters under the keel and when we arrived the lock was open so we went straight in.

We were a bit of a shock to the lock keeper as they expect boats to telephone ahead to warn them but he was very pleasant.

Mo asked about the cost of going through and they laughing told us that it is free. It appears that it is also free for us to be moored in Port Launay just above the lock. We will see when we come to leave!!

Port Launay is a really pleasant place to moor and you can go further up to the town but after that the mast would have to come down.

The town of Chateaulin is a short bike ride away and has good supermarkets. Before leaving we will take the dinghy up to the town and do a big shop at the supermarket.

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