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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Portland, Lyme Regis and Torquay

Ti Gitu rounded Portland without any problems and we had a really good sail to Lyme Regis. It was a Saturday when we would normally avoid sailing as things can be really busy, but the weather looked good so we chanced it.

The guides for Lyme Regis are somewhat out of date. The harbour where it is said you can lie alongside the wall is totally jammed up with local boats. There are several moorings outside and we took one of them.

It was very rolly and rough when local speed boats raced in and out, and it is completely open to swell. The tiny amount of swell made it doubly uncomfortable.

There are ‘pontoons’ put out at the entrance to the harbour each summer which are those square plastic things which are an abomination to walk on and we noticed that the boats which crowded them were rolling as much as Ti Gitu was out on the mooring.

This is all similar to Bridport just to the East which we visited some years ago, both towns are very ‘kiss me quick’ and in future we will just sail straight across Lyme bay.

It was good though to catch up with ‘Fly’ another 40ft junk schooner who were also visiting.

After Lyme we headed to Torquay for our first visit. There is an MDL marina at £51 a night or the town pontoons at £22 a night and cheaper if you stay longer. We would never pay the marina prices so were very pleased to find a berth on the town facilities immediately. The first night was very quiet so we hope the remainder will be while we wait to go up to the Exeter canal so that we can visit with family at the end of the month.


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